Best Safety features you should look for in a convertible car seat

If you are looking for a car seat that goes a long way with your baby then you must get a convertible car seat. A convertible seat is the one that transforms from rear facing into a front facing position with a few minor adjustments. You can use them for babies till they grow into kids. The convertible car seat can accommodate both infant and toddlers for car rides, through a single purchase.


They are convertible but not into carriers or strollers that you may imagine them to be. These are the safety features that define the quality and usefulness of a convertible seat. Read along to know more



Weight of the seat

Convertible seats are on the heavier side of weight if compared with a regular infant seat. You must get a  convertible car seat that is lighter in weight since it would be easier to install and adjust later to match your baby’s needs.



Ease of installation

A convertible car seat is created on one idea that it can adjust to your growing child’s changing needs. So it must be easy to install. If it is difficult, you won’t be able to change its facing position very frequently. It will ruin its purpose.


Reliable harness and belts

The baby must be seated with the help of belts and harnesses. It will help her overcome the shock of a collision or a sudden brake. So check for properly and securely stitched harness along with the capability to adjust according to baby’s weight.  The five-point harness system is the safest harness system for a baby. The buckles and closures must be reliable as well as made from non-toxic material.  You never know when your baby starts chewing it while you set your focus on the road.




You can shuffle and move in your seat to ease off the tiredness caused due to constantly sitting in one posture. A similar need is felt by your baby too especially if he is a newborn. So get a convertible seat for a newborn that is rightly cushioned to give comfort to the baby without soaking her in sweat. The fabric of seat must be breathe-easy and soft to touch. If it is in bright colors it will be an attractive place for your baby. A well-padded seat with plenty of head supports, ability to recline and rest her arms on the cushioned armrests is an obvious choice.

I consider the above-mentioned points as the essential features in convertible car seats for infants. Every parent must look for these to keep the child safe while traveling.