How Much Should You Spend on a Flat Iron?

It is not easy to decide a budget when you are planning to buy a flat iron. I found it very difficult to take a decision, as there are too many options available in the market. You can easily get a flat iron that costs you as low as $20 and one that costs you more than 1000$. Before you set yourself to buy a flat iron, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each model and then decide.



What I have seen is that majority of these cheap flat irons do not produce enough heat. Because of the lack of consistency in heating, you will end up with messy hair or damaged. There are a few points you need to consider when buying the right flat iron for your hair.



In my opinion, plates matter the most. When you are going to buy a new flat iron, look out for the plates. Cheaper flat irons always come with glass or metal plates. Both glass and some metals are the best conductors of heat. Therefore, you will end up with a frizzy mane.

Go for ceramic or titanium plates. Even though among the two, titanium is the better conductor of heat, ceramic is also good. Both ceramic and titanium provides equal and consistent distribution of heat that helps in giving you the desired look.



Another point to consider is the amount of heat it generates. Inexpensive flat irons require you to pump heat all the time and that can result in causing damage to your hair. I found that good quality flat iron offers adequate heat supply that gives well distributed results.

I also recommend you to consider the size of the flat iron before deciding to buy it. The size of the flat iron is important due to these two factors- hair texture and the length of the hair. If you are having thick and curly hair, it is always better to go for a long flat iron. Never go for a bulky flat iron if you are going to use it daily.



I also recommend you to consider the temperature setting option before deciding to buy your flat iron. A flat iron with adjustable temperature is best as it lets you to choose the ideal temperature for your hair.

If you are more concerned about the quality than the price, you can get a good quality flat iron in the range $40-$60. So, spend your money wisely and invest your money on a good quality flat iron rather than on a cheap flat iron.