Expensive Radar Detectors – Are They Really Better?

Let me start with a question. Would you trust the safety measures offered by a cheap car or the safety measures offered by a high-end car? I am sure your answer will be the second option, that is – safety measures offered by a high-end car. Similar should be the case with radar detectors.


You must not compromise on the quality of the radar detector in order to save a few dollars. The most common problem with inexpensive radar detectors is that it does not detect sensitive microwave frequency. Only good quality radar detectors will be able to detect these microwave frequencies. So, for a safe and peaceful ride on the road, you need an expensive radar detector.

wo9Most of us excited about speed but are always concerned about when we will get the next speed ticket as there are many speed cameras installed on the highway. Even though we all are aware of the speed limits and guidelines, at certain times these speed detectors come across as a hindrance. Radar detectors come to our rescue in such situations.

wo10So, before going into details about why you need an expensive or good quality radar detector, you need to understand the basic functionality of radar detectors. A good radar detector is a machine installed by drivers in their vehicle to know if authorities are monitoring the speed of the vehicle.

When selecting a radar detector, you need to focus on its features and attributes.  Cheap radar detectors may score over expensive radar detectors when it comes to the cost factor, but the cheap alternatives do not match the standard and quality of expensive radar detectors. In fact, in my experience, I have found that the GPS server feature available in the high-end radar detectors and laser detectors help the driver by informing about the red-light cameras installed along the highway. These features will be missing in a cheap radar detector that you purchase from the market.


Another strong point that makes me support expensive radar detectors over cheap radar detectors is the ability of expensive radar detectors to never fall for false alarms. They are not prone to false alarms and in the long run, you can easily see the advantages it has over cheap radar detectors.

You can get excellent quality radar detectors for $100 – $200. Therefore, taking into account all the advantages discussed here, I would recommend every driver to go for an expensive radar detector.

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