The Features You Should Have in Your Next Point and Shoot Camera

I am not a photographer by any means, but I do love taking pictures. For an amateur photographer like me, it is always better to go for a point and shoot camera as it is very easy to use and at the same time takes good quality pictures. The camera I have right now is good, but it has some drawbacks that I would like to rectify through my next purchase.



Quality sensor size

After some research, I found out that a quality picture is not all about just “megapixels”. I want my future point and shoot camera to have good sensor size. A camera with quality sensor size will be able to take quality pictures even in poor light conditions. We can easily find compact cameras with large image sensors but they are comparatively costly compared to point and shoot cameras. The latest PowerShot series from Canon offers very good quality image sensors when compared to other brands.



Focal length

Lens focal length is another feature I am more concerned about having in my future point and shoot camera. I consider the lens focal length to be more important than the zoom factor. You should go for a camera that offers at least 28 mm focal length as it is capable of taking quality pictures even in areas that have less space. Nikon and Canon offer good quality point and shoots cameras with quality lens focal length.




Display resolution is another factor you need to focus on when buying a new point and shoot camera. You should never go for a camera that offers less than 2.5-inch display. Panasonic has a large screen that allows you to shoot from different angles. Here you can find more details on which are the top point and shoot cameras in terms of resolution vs price.



Other Features

In my view, more than size what matters is the features. You can get a tiny point and shoot camera, but the features it offers will be very less and it will be more complicated to use as well. Most slim point and shoot camera’s lack quality zoom and advanced features. But if you go for a normal point and shoot camera you can get quality zoom and excellent features like Wi-Fi capability.



And with the touch screen dominating the market, I would like to buy a point and shoot camera that offers touch capability.  It will make your job of adjusting the controls easy and can shoot excellent pictures in the automatic mode.



Ability to shoot HD videos is another feature I need in my future purchase. Now that I know the features I would like to have in the point and shoot camera I plan to buy, I can easily find one and enhance my photography experience. I found good info about top models on this site.