How much should you spend on a blow dryer

I was out to purchase a good gift for my roommate on her wedding when I saw a gorgeous girl stepping out from a salon with a perfectly blow-dried hair. I remembered this friend who was getting married and her countless bad hair days.  She had a frizzy mop of hair that were so rough and unruly that she used to apply a variety of styling products and go for a regular blow dry at the salon to get manageable hair for a week. She had been spending about $50-60 per visit and was really irked by this expense.

wo1At that very moment, I decided to gift a blow dryer on her wedding, to help her a little in managing her hair and budget in the new phase of her life. So, I headed towards the local appliances store.  Prior to this, I believed that all blow dryers are same and purchasing it must be very easy and economical. But I was surprised to know about so many aspects of this styling gadget. I am sharing my newly acquired knowledge with you to help you if you too are searching for a good blow dryer.

wo2A good blow dryer comes in the $150-200 range. But with the kind of care and styling flexibility it provides it will justify its cost from the day one.  The high-end blow dryers have the nano-beads for conditioning. It preserves the natural moisture of hair by sealing hair cuticles. As a result, you get the glossy and silky hair every time you need to sparkle.

A cheaper option will come in static temperature setting, so limiting you with one temperature. You may either burn your hair with or have no effect on your unmanageable hair. But by spending a few tens of dollars more you can get a blow dryer with up to three temperature settings and two or three-speed settings. It will give you the perfect combination of temperature and blow to match your need.

wo3The quality of parts like plastic and ceramic heating plates will be better thus ensuring durability and reliability of your blow dryer. If the plates are metallic you may cut down on price but you may have to pay back by damaging your hair. This can be worse. The good quality ionic dryers have the advantage of retaining natural hair moisture because of negatively charged ions.

So, in my view, it is better to invest in quality style gadgets then running to get some remedial help later after suffering a severe damage due to a wrong blow hair dryer.