Must have accessories for you baby’s crib

If you are new parents then a  crib is the first thing that you must get for your bundle of joy- your newborn baby. A crib is  a slatted, high side bed for babies and infants also known as Infant bed or a cot. Since your baby will spend a lot of time in her crib, it should be a safe haven –a place where she can sleep or play comfortably, without any danger of falling or  getting injured. Cribs are especially useful if your baby has recently learned to stand and may find her way out from the low side  of the bed. Cribs are designed to prevent these curious and naughty ones from falling on the hard floor. They are a great help when you have to leave your baby alone to finish the domestic errands and you feel guilty to leave her  alone on the bed alone .


Crib accessories become a must to keep your baby entertained and happy. Just make sure that the accessories you select are baby-safe –more on this here– and can be attached securely. There are different kinds of accessories you can have for your baby’s crib:



Cushions: Cushions are also known as bumpers, to keep children bumping from hard sides and getting bumps on her head. Cushions also prevent children to get entrapped between the crib bars. But bumpers can pose the risk of suffocation, so be careful in choosing these cuddly friends for your baby



Mobiles: Mobiles are the musical toys that capture even a crying baby’s attention. They  can be hung over the cribs to  keep the cranky babies happy. Babies can look at the mobiles due to the colorful and soothing sounds they create. There can be variations in cute figures that hang on the rods and rotates about the string.



Baby monitor: Baby monitors are  the  baby alarms that keep you alert since it is a radio system that remotely transmits the sound  of your baby. It generally uses a wireless system. The radio monitor can also respond to your baby’s babbles by talking back to them.



Crib skirts: Crib skirts give an attractive look to the crib bedding. Crib skirts are purely decorative. It can be a great help for hiding the hideous under crib storage. Crib skirts come in pleated as well gathered designs.



Crib aquarium: A crib aquarium is one of the attractive accessories for babies and infants. It can easily be attached to the crib. When an infant looks at the bubbles and the soothing lights, they will forget their tantrums.



Mirrors: The mirror games help your baby to learn to focus. Watching a baby react to her own reflection is a moment that will bring a smile on your lips. Mirrors are an enjoyable and easy way to keep your  baby entertained while sitting in the crib.