Why I prefer memory foam mattresses

A few months back, I used to wake up with back pain and after effects of a sleepless night. Seeing my terrible condition, my friend suggested me to replace my old spring mattress with a memory foam mattress. For those who are new to this type of mattress, it is made using a special medicated foam of 1.5 thickness that is overlaid on the mattress base.



The memory foam is made up of polyurethane and other natural materials that provide required softness and evenly distributes the body pressure over the bed. The other benefits of memory foam mattresses include optimum blood flow, posture support and relieves the pressure off the body.

Ever since I have been using the memory mattress I suggest it to others who suffer from a back pain due to options to choose from these parameters.

  • Firmness. The memory mattress offers various softness levels like soft, medium and hard. If you have the habit of sleeping facing upwards, then best firmness to choose is a hard mattress. For side sleepers and tummy sleepers, the mattress with medium firmness is the best option.
  • Density. The memory foam mattresses are available in low, medium and high densities. If you really need a soft mattress, then you can go for a low-density mattress. The medium density mattresses are the most preferred one for people with different needs. The high-density mattresses are generally recommended by Orthopaedicians. The high-density mattresses might appear stiffer but are beneficial for those have back problems.
  • Thickness. The thickness is the personal choice to choose the kind of softness required. I recommend you to pick the thickness according to your body weight.



Types of mattress

  • Traditional Type memory foam. This is the basic form of memory mattresses which are anti-microbial and take care of all the possible allergies. Although they have all the benefits like better blood circulation and lowering down of stress level. These conventional mattresses heat up due to body temperature
  • Air Cool memory foam. These types of foams allow outflow of heat generated by the body and keep the memory foam cool. These are recommending in many articles as the best mattresses for side sleepers.
  • Gel memory foam. These mattresses have gel as the core material and do not disturb one partner if other one moves while sleeping. These are a bit harder ones and help people with the problems of back aches.



Although the initial cost of spring mattresses may look low as compared to memory foam mattresses but the recurring cost is high since they need to be replaced every 2-3 years. If you lack a sound sleep and want to have the best health, consider buying a memory foam mattress.